About Us

Platinum Bill Pay is a Louisiana based company that is owned and operated by people who understand and have worked in the automotive and mortgage industry. With over 56 years experience we have developed a company and a team that supports and dedicates itself to the security of it's Clients and their customers.

Platinum Bill pay devotes itself everyday to helping people build a better financial future by building equity, paying bills off early and saving you interest in the routine bills you pay every month.

Platinum bill pay has developed the most secure processing system in the industry using only Nationally recognized banks and insuring ALL transactions abide by all Federal and NACHA rules and regulations.

Platinum prides itself on one of the best customer service call centers in the industry. Hiring and maintaining great employees and focusing on helping them, both at work or when away from the office, making sure that them and their family are happy is why our employees are happy to serve you each and everyday. Fast, effective, secure business is what we do. Happy customers that find a easier, more stress free life is the end result.